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The City of Galveston is located along the Gulf Coast region in the U.S. state of Texas within the Greater Houston area.

Galveston is accessible by a causeway linking Galveston Island to the mainland on the north end of the city, a toll bridge on the western end of the island, and by ferry boat service on the east end of the city.

Galveston, Texas

Galveston Island has sun, sea and sand galore. Escape to the perfect year-round resort with temperate weather and 32 miles of sparkling Gulf Coast beach. Sample the Islandís 60-plus attractions and unlimited entertainment venues. Explore one of Texasí most historic cities and visit unique locations such as The Strand Historic District. Venture through a 10-story tropical rainforest and one of the largest aquariums in the world. Go sightseeing by trolley. Visit one-of-a-kind museums! Take a break and relax in the cool shade of a palm tree or enjoy fishing, sun and great family fun. With over 100 shops and a variety of clubs and restaurants, the Island is a getaway that fits any budget. When it comes to fun, Galveston-style, the beach is just the beginning! Experience it all for yourself.

Located less than an hour from bustling Houston, this island community offers the perfect combination of weather and things to do, or not do, year round. As a tourist destination, Galveston tends to busy on most recognized holidays, weekends, and when the kids are out of school, including spring break. With a moderate climate year round, there is no time of year that isnít good for a visit. Winters are generally mild with the low temperature in the evening still near 50, making it an ideal time for a great meal at one of the cityís many fine restaurants followed by a stroll on the beach. Spring brings a comfortable combination of warm temperatures during the day; warm enough for a dip in the water and yet cool enough at night to enjoy any outdoor activity. Summers are warm and filled with abundant sunshine. This time of year brings a majority of the visitors to the beach to enjoy the warm Gulf waters. Fall is similar to spring but just a little warmer. Whatever the reason for a visit, whether for a day or a week, this island city is waiting with a warm smile, a warm breeze, and a comfortable climate.

Whatever the interest, there is something in Galveston for everyone. Want to enjoy the soft sea breezes? Sunbathing, feeding the birds, wading in the surf, relaxing under the shade of an umbrella are great ways to spend the day, and with the gentle breeze off of the gulf it feels great as visitors work on that perfect tan. Visitors can even tour the entire area by bike. Bicycles are available for rent for those who just want to take a leisurely tour of the area, including four wheel bikes for the whole family. There is an abundance of nature to observe. Nature lovers will find plenty to see with the seagulls, pelicans, cranes and a host of other sea birds, dotting the landscape. Watch out for those seagulls as they are always ready for that next handout as they beg visitors on the beach.

Being a seaside city, there are plenty of fine restaurants for all tastes. Some have waterfront locations which offer great views of the soaring birds, surfers, and swimmers in the water. For the history buff, visitors can walk or drive around the city and see many historic homes, not to mention a variety of museums and other attractions. The East End Historic District has been designated a historic district and has several restored historic homes. Donít forget to bring the camera. There are many opportunities to create lifetime memories.

Galveston is an island unto itself. It is hard to imagine that just a short distance from this tropical vacation spot is the bustling city of Houston. Whether for a day, a weekend, a week or more; Galveston, on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, has something for everyone. Come see for yourself.
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