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Dallas, Texas is the third-most-populous city in the state of Texas and the ninth-most-populous in the United States.

Dallas, and its surrounding area, is mostly flat and lies at an elevation ranging from 140 to 170 m (450 to 550 ft). The western edge of the Austin chalk formation, a limestone escarpment, rises 60 200 ft and runs roughly north-south through Dallas County.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is home to the Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, and Mavericks. Dallas is a city of action and adventure. It is also a city of beauty. Dallas covers 384 square miles of rolling prairie with native cottonwood, pecan, and majestic oaks lining its streets and river banks. Dallas is the leading business and financial center of the southwest. Dallas loves visitors and is a city of warmth, welcome, and hospitality.

There is so much to see and do in Dallas! There are the arenas, stadiums, and major sporting events, and there are also world-class theaters, museums, and annual festivals. The Dallas Zoo's 25 acre Wilds of Africa exhibit has been named the best African exhibit in the country. The zoo also features a huge children's area with interactive exhibits. Dallas' West End Historical District features more than 80 shops and over 50 restaurants, and is a perennial favorite among tourists. Speaking of restaurants, the food in Dallas is some of the finest in the Southwest, so make your reservations early!

Dallas is a center of family fun! The numerous amusement parks include Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, GameWorks, and AMF FunFest. For a more relaxed afternoon, visitors can enjoy the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, which has over 2,700 acres of wildlife preserves with guided tours and scenic drives.

Fair Park and the Dallas Arts District are family favorites. The Arts District includes 17 blocks of museums, galleries, theatres and other performance spaces. The Dallas Museum of Art features art from around the world, specializing in pre-Columbian American art. Fair Park, comprising over 277 acres, is a national historical landmark. The Park encompasses the largest collection of cultural facilities in Dallas, is open year-round, and has seven museums on its grounds. In downtown Dallas, the Majestic Theatre performs state-of-the-art productions in a wonderfully restored 1920's playhouse.

Dallas has numerous sites of historic interest. Many neighborhoods are carefully maintained so that they remain representative of the way Dallas was fifty, one hundred, or even one hundred fifty years ago. The Dallas Historical Society offers tours and accounts of the role of the city in the history of Texas and of the United States. Old City Park is an outdoor museum of architectural and cultural history with a restored antebellum mansion and an historic bank building. The John Neely Bryan Cabin is a reconstructed model of the home and trading post built by Dallas' founder in 1841. Every American knows the tragic importance of Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination of President Kennedy. The plaza has been preserved as it was on that day. Visitors can tour the Sixth Floor Museum in the nearby Texas Book Depository to learn more about one of the saddest events in modern American history.

Throughout the city, Dallas blends entertainment, dining, and culture into a memorable experience for all who visit. The "Big D" has a heart to match its size.
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