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Florence is a city located in South Carolina, United States. Florence is located in the coastal plain of South Carolina. The terrain is mostly flat. The average elevation above sea level is around 140ft. Jeffries Creek is a tributary of the Great Pee Dee River and is the main waterway that flows through the city of Florence.

Florence, South Carolina

Welcome to Florence, ďA City of CharacterĒ. Conveniently located at the intersection of two major Interstate highways, this South Carolina city is easily accessible and a world of fun. In 1997, Florence became a finalist as an All-American City, and itís no wonder why. The city is brimming with history, character, and Southern charm. Chartered in 1871 and incorporated December 24, 1890, the original township formed as a railroad terminal. The town was named after Florence Henning Harllee, the daughter of William Wallace Harllee, the first president of the Wilmington & Manchester Railroad. Today, Florence continues itís growth with an ever expanding population.

The City of Florence is a fine example of a genteel, Southern city: mid-sized, yet large enough to boast of a variety of things to see and do. Whether itís the performing arts, fun attractions, museums or sports, all are present in Florence. Still, the City is small enough to preserve a small-town feeling with tree-lined streets and parks and a pleasant lifestyle that citizens enjoy. Residents exude a strong sense of community pride and Southern hospitality to visitors.

With a moderate climate year round, any time is a good time for a visit. Summer tends to be a busy time of year as tourists make their annual north/south vacation journey. With temperatures during this time averaging near 80, itís a perfect time to take advantage of the many activities, historic sites, and attractions that are available. Fall and spring do bring a change of season, complete with a new and inspiring color scheme. The weather remains comfortable

The city has a variety of experiences, both indoors and out, for everyone. Taking a stroll through any of the parks is always a pleasure, particularly McLeod Park. Not only is a walk enjoyable, the park also offers a swimming pool, fishing pond, lighted tennis courts, ball fields, picnicking and more. For history buffs, a worthwhile trip is a visit to the National Military Cemetery. This site serves as a burial ground for Union soldiers who died in prison in Florence during the War Between the States. For more history of the War, the War Between the States Museum offers a walk into the past. The museum invites visitors to learn and read about the role played by Florence in the Civil War.

For a unique experience and just a short drive away, plan a day at Darlington Raceway. This nationally recognized raceway is sure to get the adrenalin pumping.

Of course, a relaxing meal at one of the many fine local restaurants is always a fine and enjoyable option.

Whether visiting for business or pleasure, just passing through or staying for a weekend or longer, this true Southern historic and beautiful city awaits its visitors with a style all its own.
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