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Lancaster is a city located in Pennsylvania. The land is mostly flat, characteristic of the area. The city is located about 34 miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 70 miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 55 miles north-northeast of Baltimore, Maryland and 87 miles north of Washington D.C..

Lancaster County is the sixth largest metropolitan statistical area in Pennsylvania.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Wilkum! to Lancaster County and the scenic Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This is an area that visitors have grown to love. Here, they discover Amish communities where life moves at a slower pace and centers upon time-honored traditions and values. The scenery is breathtaking. Rolling hills of rich farmland dotted with one-room schoolhouses and wooden covered bridges, modern farm machinery pulled behind four-and six-mule teams, homemade clothing and quilts gently blowing in the breeze, and the sound of the clip-clop of horses' hooves echoing down quiet country roads.

The relaxed atmosphere, the peaceful scenery, and the variety of the many unique attractions and family activities have made Lancaster, Pennsylvania one of America's favorite vacation destinations.

The extensive Amish and plain communities give this area a tranquil ambience. The Amish as a whole place value not on the materialistic concerns of our modern society, but on an adherence to a more traditional way of life. Their emphasis is on the value of the family and the community. This influence is apparent throughout the local society. Visitors are welcome to glimpse the communityís lifestyle first hand by visiting an actual Amish farm and house. There is one conveniently located on Route 30 (east) in Lancaster, which is appropriately called The Amish Farm and House. This is one of the most intimate ways to learn about the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County. Visitors experience life on a 25-acre farm where they learn about the simple lifestyle of the Amish people, their farm animals and various crops, and view a variety of farm buildings.During and after such a visit, visitors gain a perspective on the life and values of the ďplain people,Ē and have an opportunity to reflect on the values that make them so "different". There is much to be said for the slower-paced lifestyle of the Amish.

There is no shortage of amusements and attractions for all ages in and around Lancaster. They are nestled in and among the Amish farms and the country villages, just waiting to be discovered! Where else can visitors ride in an Amish buggy, whip around on a roller coaster, ride an historic steam locomotive, play a round of championship golf, tour an operating farm, enjoy a peaceful hot air balloon ride, and take in a Broadway play all in the same day? Lancaster has all of this and much more.

Summer tends to be the busiest time of year due to the tranquil beauty of the region as well as its proximity to world famous Hershey, Pennsylvania. A visit to Hershey is worth the calories. With the daytime temperatures during the summer reaching the mid 80ís F and the evenings dropping to the pleasant 60ís, itís a perfect time to take advantage of the many enjoyable outdoor activities available in the area. Spring and fall are simply beautiful and quite comfortable. In the daytime a light sweater is all that is needed and at night, itís a perfect time to enjoy a fine meal while sitting by a warm fire at one of the many excellent restaurants in the area. Winters can be cold at times and snow is quite likely, and heavy at times. Although the temperatures are low during this time, getting wrapped up in a warm blanket while take a local buggy ride is something that wonít be forgotten. Add a little falling snow, and itís a Rockwell-like picture. Whatever the season and whatever the reason for visiting, beautiful and tranquil Lancaster is waiting.
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