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Asheville, North Carolina is a city located in Buncombe County, North Carolina. It is the largest city in western North Carolina. Asheville is located at the confluence of the Swannanoa River and the French Broad River in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The French Broad continues northwest through the Appalachian Mountains to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Asheville's weather resembles the weather of the rest of the southeastern U.S., but with somewhat cooler temperatures due to the higher altitude.

Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys the beauty, tranquility, and thrill of nature. No matter what your interest may be, Asheville is waiting and ready for you. Asheville has a vibrant downtown, great cultural offerings, professional sports, unique shopping and a host of attractions and sites, both in town and close by.

Always a favorite for its scenic beauty, in the fall Ashville explodes into an array of colors. As the mild summer days turn into cooler, crisp days and nights, visitors to the nearby mountains begin an annual guessing game of where to catch the best glimpse of Mother Nature’s beautiful work. Because of the differences in elevation, there is no single “peak” week or day for fall color. Unlike other destinations, the mountains near

Asheville enjoys an extended five-week fall color season. The peak location actually changes week-to-week, depending on the elevation. Brilliant yellows, reds and oranges begin to appear at the higher elevations even in late September, along with a profusion of wildflowers. The autumn hues intensify and creep down the mountain slopes throughout October. Some coves and gorges will continue show off their fall finery through early November.

Conveniently located at the intersections of Interstate I-26, Interstate I-40 and Interstate I-240, it is easy to experience the wonders of the surrounding areas as well. The famous Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain, the Pisgah View National Forest, and the historic town of Hendersonville are all within a short drive. If you are more inclined to stay in town, the downtown area provides a unique experience. Dotted with specialty shops and brightly lit for the Christmas season, it’s the perfect place for a stroll, a bike ride, or a shopping adventure, followed by a wonderful meal at one of the city’s fine restaurants.

If the arts are of interest, plan to spend many days in this wonderful city. No matter what your artistic taste, Asheville offers something for you. Whether you choose to go to the Asheville Art Museum, the Asheville Bravo Concerts, the Asheville Community Theater, the Lyric Opera, the Fold Art Center, or listen to the wonderful sounds of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, Asheville has a venue year round.

Asheville is known as a city for all seasons. It has an ideal climate with four unique, yet mild seasons. The average July temperature is a most pleasant 83 degrees, while the January lows tend to average a mild 27. Even during the coldest months, Asheville receives an average of only 16 inches of snow, yet the surrounding areas have much for the outdoor winter sports enthusiast. Due to its elevation (2150 feet), it is in the enviable position of not having to endure the summer temperatures that stifle much of the south. Additionally, with the surrounding mountains as a barrier, the city experiences comparatively mild winters, making Asheville a perfect year round destination.

Bringing the kids along? No need to worry about them enjoying both the city of Asheville and the surrounding areas. Take in a ball game, enjoy an amusement park, ride the trolley, visit the historic Biltmore estate, go rafting on the French Broad River, or experience the thrill of sliding down “Slippery Rock” into 50 degree water!

Let Asheville lift your spirit to the mountains. It’s a place where the Great Smokies and the Blue Ridge meet. A place unlike any other; unique in its own right. A place with a special gift from Mother Nature of spectacular natural beauty; a place with an endless variety of interesting things to do and to see.
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