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Richmond is a culturally diverse and geographically unique community centrally located on Canada's West Coast, in Greater Vancouver, 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, and 25 minutes from the US border. Richmond is known throughout the Greater Vancouver region for its quality parks, leisure facilities, and recreation services. Richmond has over 1200 acres of park land and a variety of recreational amenities, including pools, arenas, community centres, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, golf courses, lacrosse boxes, running tracks and playing fields.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

On an island at the mouth of the Fraser River, Richmond first was settled in 1879. The town grew and prospered with its farming, fishing and waterborne trade industries. Today, Richmond's major industries include aviation, berry farming, high technology and manufacturing.

Steveston, an early fishing village now part of the southwest corner of Richmond, has been restored and is an area of shops, restaurants and businesses. Hundreds of boats line the docks as fishermen dry their nets and unload their catches for sale.

The Richmond Nature Park, 44 hectares (109 acres) at 1181 Westminster Hwy., has a bird pond, beehive displays, mounted birds, a quaking bog and plants identified by markers. A naturalist conducts hour-long tours of the park on Sunday.

From fisheries to cranberries to whales, this exciting and beautiful city located in Western Canada. Many residents believe Richmond to be the most beautiful city on earth and, after visiting, you may agree with them. There are a host of attractions and sites to see, unique events, and some of the most beautiful scenery ever created by Mother Nature.

Easily accessible by air or car,. The Richmond Nature Park offers free admission and provides fun as well as education for all ages. Winding trails with a total length of approximately 5km provide visitors with the opportunity to encounter plants and animals in bog, forest and pond habitats.

Throughout the entire summer, a must-do event is the Richmond Night Market Summer Festival. The event is fun for the whole family with music, rides, fairway and electronic games. Sample delicious treats from over 30 food court vendors too. Speaking of fun, why not get wet! WaterMania, a local water theme park, offers an exciting wave pool, waterslides, 50 meter pool, diving boards, and, to soothe those sore muscles, a sauna, steam room and whirlpools as well. Of course, if just seeing nature at its best is what you like, be sure to take a chance and see whales frolicking in their own environment.

Richmond has a season for everyone to enjoy. With a temperate west coast climate, and, little or no snow most winters, and because of Richmond's distance from the mountains, the average rainfall is light.

In spring, see and hear the territorial flights of hummingbirds as bog flowers bloom below. Summer days are long, and the trails provide cool evening walks. Fall brings owls, northern migratory birds, and spectacularly colored foliage as well as the annual Cranberry Festival. Itís the largest in Canada and a must see event. In winter, hear varied thrushes and see winter birds at the feeders, or follow coyote tracks in the snow. Summer is a special time in Richmond. Seeing a magnificent whale enjoying a day at sea is a sight never to be forgotten. Whatever the season, Richmond is rich in things to do and sites to see.

Richmondís natural setting appeals to the adventurous spirit in us all and whatever your age or ability, activities abound year round. Enjoy the cityís spectacular scenery and fresh coastal air by strapping on a pair of roller blades, cycling or walking along any one of the many scenic trails. Catch the sunrise, and youíre likely to see kayakers and fishing boats course across the open water. When the wind picks up, look for windsurfers skimming across the whitecaps. And if you just want to enjoy nature at its very best, there are seals, whales, and some magnificent birds that help make this island community such a special destination.

One final interesting fact about this vibrant city: according to statistics, residents of Richmond have the greatest life expectancy in all of Canada. Just think, you might even add to your lifespan just by visiting.
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