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San Josť is the third largest city in California and the 10th largest city in the nation.

San Josť is conveniently situated 45 minutes south of San Francisco and 1.5 hours north of Monterey. Rich in history and cultural diversity, and recognized as a city of innovation and entrepreneurial success.
For the fifth consecutive year, the City of San Josť has been confirmed as the safest big city in the nation.

San Jose, California

Best known for its sunshine and its ties to technology, San Jose has much to offer even the most discriminating traveler. Whether for business or pleasure, this beautiful California city has something for everyone. With over 300 days of sunshine, near perfect weather, a multitude of sites to see and, not to mention, the opportunity to play Monopoly on a 930 square foot board, as well as its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it makes this a must see destination for anyone traveling to northern California.

It is hard to remember when looking at San Jose today that it is the oldest civil settlement in California, founded back in 1777. It was also the first capital of California, even before California became an official state and at one time was a thriving agricultural area. Few remnants of that period remain. Instead, there are a host of new things to see and do.

No matter what time of year for a visit, beautiful California weather awaits. Summer tends to be the busiest season as tourists from around the world come to visit the area, enjoying its wonderful scenery, weather, entertainment and attractions. Summer daytime temperatures reach into the mid 80ís F. but with very little humidity itís quite comfortable. Itís the perfect time for taking advantage of the many outdoor activities available. Spring and fall are pleasant, although cooler. Spring brings the average temperature to about 60 F and fall is slightly higher. Although there is a winter season, the daytime temperatures rarely fall below 60 F, making it an ideal time to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting this California city is that ďCalifornia CasualĒ is the dress code for daytime and most evening outings. From November until spring, a light sweater is advisable during the day and a light jacket for the evenings.

The History Museum gives visitors a feel for what it was like when Californiaís first settlement was established back in the late 1700ís. Guests can enjoy the 14 acre facility with a park-like setting including 27 original and reconstructed homes, businesses, and landmarks highlighting the culture and history of San Jose and Santa Clara Valley. The museum is unique with paved streets, running trolleys and an old-fashioned ice cream and even a candy parlor.

Known for its ties to technology, San Jose also offers tours of the Tech Museum of Innovation where Technology from Silicon Valley and beyond comes alive. This unique museum features interactive exhibits for all ages. The Tech is a place thatís about real technology . . . changing the way people work and play, creating, harnessing, and sharing information about how we innovate, how we do things differently. It features over 250 interactive exhibits as well as an Imax Dome Theater.

For a little outdoor activity, a must visit attraction is Kelly Park. The park is home to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, the Japanese Friendship Garden and the San Jose Historical Museum. Visitors may enjoy a train ride, picnicking, a beautiful lawn and shade tree areas or a walk through the tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden. For those looking for more activity, visit the zoo, amusement park and play area of Happy Hollow. For a unique adventure, try a game of Monopoly on a 930 square foot board at Guadalupe River Park. Be sure to bring a camera for this once-in-a-lifetime picture.

For a day trip, be sure to visit Paramountís Great America and Six Flags Marine World. Both are just minutes away from San Jose and offer fun and adventure for the entire family. Great America is a universe of Nickelodeon fun, friends, and adventures that burst into life daily. The stars on Nickelodeon, one of the networks preferred by kids, come to life at one of Northern Californiaís favorite theme parks for family fun and thrills. Marine World is the country's only combination wildlife park, oceanarium and theme park featuring over 30 thrilling rides, 35 exotic animal attractions and 10 great shows. Of course, historic and beautiful San Francisco is also only an hour away.

San Jose showcases a mix of world class cultural and performing arts, name brand stores and quaint boutiques, superb dining, exciting night life, great sporting events and outdoor activities, year-round cultural events and festivities, many historic sites, thrilling theme parks, varied points of interest, and beautiful climate year-round. Itís no wonder it has been an ongoing recipient of numerous honors and awards, and has become a stomping ground for millions of visitors each year. Wouldnít you like to be one of them?
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